Aid for refugees from combat zone in Ukraine

Because of aggravation of military conflict in the east of Ukraine thousands of families were forced to leave their native places and to look for a new inhabitation in other regions of Ukraine, as well as other countries.

As on July 31, 2015 in Ukraine 1,414,798 persons are officially registered as internally displaced. At the same period, more than 925 thousands citizens of Ukraine have applied for asylum, housing permit and other forms of legal residence in neighbouring countries. Thus, more than 2.3 million people in all have left their homes since the beginning of the conflict in the east of the country in April 2014.

... to take only bare essentials and leave ... it is difficult to imagine - how at once you can lose all that was saved over whole life.

Yes, even today Ukraine has got disastrous effects of hostilities - and unfortunately is not able to cope with it by internal forces. Our country is really more than ever in need of world community assistance!